Who is Just The Fox

Hi Vixens, 
I'm Natalie, the owner and chef for Just The fox Kitchen. I have built a great career as a chef over the years. Culminating in being Masterchef Matt Healy's Executive Chef for Grön Kafes, Leeds, York and Harrogate.
Just The Fox Kitchen was created after so many of my friends were telling me how difficult they find it to cook or even organise 3 meals a day, everyday, around their busy schedules. They often find themselves reaching for the fridge, grabbing a snack item instead of making a proper meal or spending a fortune on takeaways that don't make them feel good. 
So during lockdown (not sure which one anymore) I started to cook and deliver tasty meals so they could carry on working and/or look after their babies and didn't have to worry about cooking. And so Just The Fox Kitchen was born. 
A few months later and I have built a website, am trying to figure out how to manage social media accounts professionally and I've launched Just The Fox to the world. 
My mission is for all of you to reclaim your time and get back to doing the things you love, whilst not worrying about what's for dinner. You can feel confident that you'll be getting a tasty and nutritious meal that works for you. 
Food that's enjoyable for everyone. Join us today.